Red23: Real Estate Diehards

Disrupting the brand landscape

With international reach, a massive customer base, over 10 years’ experience, and leading industry resources at their fingertips, Red23 had everything they needed to conquer the Melbourne real estate market: everything except a strong brand personality – that’s when Alpha State was invited to help clarify and articulate the Red23 brand.

What struck us immediately was Red23’s immense passion for what they do – genuinely going that extra mile for their clients – they seemed to us to be real diehards when it came to real estate – and then it dawned on us ‘R.E.D.’ wasn’t just a name, but an acronym and it had been staring at us this whole time – Real Estate Diehards!

This single idea spawned almost endless options for Red23 to express their unique brand personality, and presented an opportunity to really disrupt the Melbourne real estate landscape.

What is a diehard?

A diehard goes the extra mile when others would turn back. We’re really, really obsessed with real estate. We live it and breathe it. It’s not just a job. We roll up our sleeves and work our asses off. Real estate is what we live for. And it’s this obsession of ours that makes us so good at what we do. It’s why our customers keep coming back to us. We are known for our enthusiasm. Our compulsion with real estate makes us the best at what we do.