Little Pete Brewing – Fluerieu Born and Brewed

Brand Identity & Packaging

This is the story of how Warren Burgess and wife Beck grew what was once just a high school yearbook ambition and a pure love of beer, into a back-shed hobby and then into an all-encompassing family brewery. Their Langhorne Creek operation now produces some of the tastiest craft-ales South Australia has to offer with a bunch of other varieties in the pipeline.

Warren and Beck first commissioned Alpha State to help personify the brand, and it was in these early pre-production meetings that Warren mentioned his great-grandfather ‘Little Pete’. As we dug a little deeper, we came to hear more and more stories about ‘Little Pete’ and his big personality realising that the only thing small about ‘Little Pete’ was his height – a true reflection of the quintessential Australian beer drinker.

And from here, the name Little Pete was locked in allowing us to start on the development of the new brewery’s brand identity

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Initially launched for the summer of 2021 with just two feature ales – the Peninsula Pal and the Summer Session, Little Pete Brewery has a number of other craft-beer varieties in development and ready to release soon.